Natural mineral water in menopause

How water helps you in menopause?

Menopause is usually accompanied by unpleasant symptoms. Physiologically, reproductive functions are shutting down and the amount of female reproductive hormones is reducing. These hormones have a series of functions in the body that are not directly connected to reproduction. It’s a little known fact that estrogen and progesterone play an important part in the feeling of thirst. With the reduction in hormone excretion, brain sensitivity to osmose stimulus that thirst depends on is being reduced. Brain doesn’t receive an adequate signal that fluid should be made up for. So dehydration in menopause and after that occurs more often than in younger females. Therefore, the usual menopause symptoms like headache, weariness, dizziness, often mood swings, forgetfulness, joint pain, constipation and hot flushes are firstly connected to fluid deficiency in the body. Enhanced sweating during hot flushes additionally increases water loss from the body. Because of that, women in this phase of life should drink fluid every two to three hours a day, no matter the thirst, in order to prevent deficiency of water in the body. Ladies who like coffee should pay special attention since this beverage has a diuretic effect.

Heba Natural mineral water with its balanced content is a great choice for rehydrating in menopause

Female reproductive hormones are very important for bone strength and cardiovascular system. With estrogen reduction the tendency for osteopenia and osteoporosis is increased. It’s considered that regular diet and physical activity are of key importance for reducing the risks of these pathological states. Studies show that natural mineral waters rich in sodium and bicarbonates have a beneficial effect on bone metabolism. They increase the alkali reserve in the body which leads to calcium preservation in the bones. It’s assumed that silicon compounds in natural mineral waters contribute to bone strength and increasing elasticity of connective tissue. Some studies showed that carbonized sodium bicarbonate waters may improve lipid levels in blood and have a beneficial effect on sugar metabolism, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Natural mineral water Heba Strong is rich in sodium, bicarbonates, silicates and natural carbon dioxide.

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