Heba Balance

Heba BALANCE is a gently carbonated natural mineral water with lower content of carbon dioxide. It belongs to the group of natural mineral waters rich in mineral salts – minerals. What makes this water stand out is that it contains high concentration of sodium and bicarbonates, as well as sulfates.

Sodium takes part in maintaining water balance in the body, prevents the loss of body fluids, it’s necessary in maintaining normal functions of muscles and nerves, takes part in pH regulation, in energy processes in cells and it’s a part of bone minerals. We lose sodium from the body during sweating and physical labor. Bicarbonates increase the alkali reserve in the body and together with calcium they keep the bones hard, contribute to better digestion and metabolism. Water sulfates contribute to sulfur intake which is important for building of cartilages and compounds that take part in body detoxification processes. Fluor has an important role in dental protection and caries prevention.

Heba Balance in 1.5 l and 0.5 l PET packaging

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