How hydrated are we?

The man contains about 65% water. It is constantly lost from the organism, and must be compensated.

The water should be injected for two to three hours throughout the day. Continuous rehydration accelerates the process of detoxification of the organism.

Depression and dehydration

Many people suffer from mild chronic dehydration because they do not take enough fluids. This condition can create a depression feeling. When the body is dehydrated, the transport of the amino acid tryptophan to the brain is difficult, so less serotonin is produced, so-called hormone of happiness.

Detoxification and detox water

It has been clinically proven that two weeks of daily consuming 750ml of Heba STRONG significantly helps to release the organism from harmful substances. Reduces oxidative stress, increases antioxidant protection and increases alkaline reserves in the body.


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